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Complexity in Darwin

No, I am not talking about Darwin - I have had an abstract accepted by the Australian College of Health Service Managers (ACHSM) for the conference in Darwin from September 18 to 20 this year.  I will be sharing my learnings and insights from attending the Complexity...

Complexity – visiting an inspiration

In June this year, I will be attending the Complexity and Management Conference in the UK, “Taking Complexity Seriously: Why Does it Matter?”, with Prof Ralph Stacey, a personal inspiration. In 2001, Ralph challenged us, a newly minted group of MBA Managers in Melbourne , to loosen our certainty in management change models.

Are you stumped?

Are you feeling stumped? Wondering what to do next? Something has changed, and the way you have been doing things is no longer an option for the future? Heather has experienced these surprises too: • the loss of a government grant, which left a small organisation in...

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