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Strategy consultancy in the health & community services industries

Your Future Options is a boutique management consultancy founded by Heather Johnson. Heather works collaboratively to design strategies that deliver community outcomes and sustainable, viable organisations.


Featured projects

LG Pro 2020

Click here to see Heather speaking about opportunities for organisations post-COVID, in an introduction by the Interim CEO of LGPro, Chris Eddy:

Dr. Lleanne Beagley

Western Victoria Primary Health Network

Reflecting on Heather’s work at the Western Victoria Primary Health Network, Leanne said "Heather undertook an extremely complex project for us – complex across the internal and external stakeholder base. Her unique skill mix of engagement capacity, professionalism, governance know-how and strategic competence was the corner stone to delivering a comprehensive positive outcome."

Dr Leanne Beagley - Chief Executive (May 2017 to April 2020)