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Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Peninsula Health


Newly appointed CEO with Board of Management commissioned Manning Consulting to develop a new strategic plan.


The intention was for the strategic plan to integrate the diverse offerings of the health service, with a shared strategic purpose.

The organisation had completed service planning and was preparing for redevelopment of the main service centre, being Frankston Hospital.

Heather Johnson selected as Strategic Lead for the project.


Extensive consultation was undertaken across the whole organisation and at all levels to identify strategic challenges and opportunities.

A scan of relevant policy, program and planning documents and trends was undertaken.

Workshops were conducted with executive and senior leaders within the organisation, and the board of management, to craft the strategic plan.


Strategic plan highlighted key opportunities for Peninsula Health, which is unique in its coverage of health services from preventive, community health through to acute medical care.


Engagement in the consultations was the highest ever achieved and provided essential data for future planning.

The design of the plan was visually congruent with the strategic objectives.

The plan was approved by DHHS and launched virtually and with a Strategy on the Page visual marketing.

Benefits of Your Future Options

Heather is a skilled and experienced facilitator.  In this project, she conducted individual interviews with board members; facilitated small group discussions with professional groups; lead multi-professional and service groupings through the process of prioritising strategic directions; and co-facilitated workshops with the Board of Management.

She utilises the IAP2 engagement framework to guide the selection of methodologies and consultation plans.

Heather’s superior writing and conceptual skills were evident in the development of the policy scan and the final strategic planning document.