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Building Maintenance Service Review

City of Stonnington


The objective of this project was to assist the City of Stonnington identify and determine the most appropriate model for the provision of building maintenance services, in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness to meet the current and future needs of the community and organisation.

The review was completed in two stages:

Stage One:  A review of customer satisfaction, systems and processes of the building maintenance service, performance of the contracted delivery service and internal processes.

Stage Two: Benchmarking exercise with a subcontracted engineer. Met with other councils and public service organisations to review their systems and processes and best practice facility management.


In Stage One, consultations were undertaken with key building stakeholders within Council where buildings form part of the delivery.  These service users included managers, coordinators and administrative staff involved with the building maintenance for their service.  Process mapping was undertaken, and gaps identified in customer service and coordination of planning for maintenance.

Recommendations were prepared, with analysis of alternative approaches to future contracting options and internal decision-making processes.

In Stage Two, other Councils and public service organisations were consulted about their building maintenance programs.  Results were presented to Council, providing a range of options for future approaches to building maintenance, including the risks and opportunities of in-house or contracted delivery models.


Improvements were made to customer service systems and contract management arrangements in response to early project results.

Council was able to benchmark its service delivery model with others, identifying the costs and benefits of the contracted model.

City of Stonnington decided to continue with a contracted service delivery model and developed an improved contract for tendering, based on a Schedule of Rates.

Benefits of Your Future Options

Heather’s experience in contractual arrangements is extensive.  She has overseen the development and performance of service contracts in the state government; prepared expression of interest and tender processes in local government; managed contracts in health and local government contexts; and provided advice to the Western Victoria Primary Health Network for their commissioning and procurement processes.

Heather’s experience is that while clear rules and governance must underpin contractual arrangements – there are opportunities to strengthen relationships and improve the strategic outcomes of these arrangements.  This is the ‘Art’ of contracting – ensuring that both parties meet their goals, and the contracted service meets its objectives for clients and/or the community.