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Workforce Development Project

Western Victoria Primary Care Partnership


The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program had been operating for many years.  There was a perception that the program benefitted Geelong based providers more than others and that offerings in more rural areas were too limited.

A review of the program found that:

  • The program did not meet the strategic objectives of WVPHN
  • Organising the resources sub regionally had not been effective
  • CPD was offered by professional bodies and other organisations and WVPHN did not need to duplicate this
  • The WVPHN CPD program was not utilised by all primary health care professionals
  • The program was designed based on individual requests and of professionals and their associations


A review of the program included extensive engagement with WVPHN staff, users of CPD programs, a clinical reference group, professional associations, and education providers.

Heather visited providers and offices of the WVPHN across the whole region to gain a perspective on different experiences of the program.

A series of project workshops and consultations were conducted, leading to the identification of potential future options and a collaborative approach to selecting a new direction.

The focus of the project recommendations was on the strategic role of the WVPHN in this space, given its objectives, the role of others, and available resources.


The resources of the program were redesigned into a new offering, based on prioritising strategic workforce needs (rather than individual requests).

The new workforce development program has four objectives – education, connections, supporting general practices and addressing workforce gaps through partnerships and advocacy.

The program has been redesigned to meet the needs of all health professionals in the region, and in collaboration with other sectors including education and professional associations, to target regional needs.

Benefits of Your Future Options

Heather’s experience and interest in change management was invaluable to this project.  Heather has lead change projects in many organisations and has found John Kotter’s 8-step Change Model a useful guide to implementing change.  She also has an interest in Complexity theory and has participated in workshops with Ralph Stacey and the Complexity and Management Centre in the UK.  This has deepened her understanding of the deep complexity of change and the need to work respectfully with people and existing cultures.

Your Future Options will work closely with the project team, bring a strategic approach, engage genuinely with stakeholders, and design options in collaboration with you, to achieve your outcomes.